Our Story

Where We Started 

Harper & Blake formed in 2014 when our founder Charlotte, decided that she didn’t want to return to the hectic work lifestyle after having children.

Charlotte wanted to spend more time with her family after maternity leave and found a niche in the market for fashionable tech accessories, starting with phone and laptop cases. These products soon evolved into high-end premium fashion accessories including bags, purses, wallets and travel tags.


Beautiful, unique and excellent craftsmanship has always been at our forefront. 
Our collections are designed independently by our East London studio team and produced in the UK. Our tech accessories are made-to-order with sustainability at the forefront of the production process.

Harper & Blake

Harper & Blake are the brand's personas.

Harper is effortlessly stylish – a minimalist who owns a stripped-back wardrobe of staple items and desires simple, chic pieces that can go with any outfit.

Blake, equally stylish, has a more quirky, colourful style and looks for statement pieces to transform and brighten up an outfit.

Sustainability & Ethics

 We want to be honest and transparent about our design and production process. With the current environmental crisis, we want to do our best to be responsible as can be and strive to be a more eco friendly business.

We print all our designs with our printing partner in the UK. This allows us to create made to order cases and so reducing waste and excess product that comes from mass production. Our printing partner is a member of a ‘Business Social Compliance Initiative’ that helps companies to drive social compliance and improvements within their factories, and also the Fair Labour Association, which aims to eradicate slavery, forced labour, child labour and harassment and abuse in the workplace.

As well as our normal range of cases, we offer compostable cases made of bamboo and plant based materials. It will also biodegrade within 60-90 days in normal landfill. 

However, we recognise that we still have a long way to go in being completely sustainable, so we are always looking out for new and exciting ways to help the planet.

The Future

With a number of innovative plans evolving for the future the brand promises to remain true to its roots and continue to provide opulent, visionary and on-trend pieces of the highest quality for all.