Our Story

It all began when creatives Harper and Blake met designing for popular iPhone case brand Iconemesis.

The two were polar opposite in style but shared an incredibly innovative, inquisitive and creative view on the world. They often discussed that the educational system indirectly discourages imaginative experimentation and how they desired to incite creativity in individuals.

Over lunch one day the pair identified a gap in the market for quality fashion-tech cases that appealed to women of all styles. Instantly inspired, Harper and Blake set out to produce artwork that best appealed to each of their general styles whilst remaining on trend and original.

Thus in August 2015 the British brand Harper & Blake launched to the world.

Harper designed for the minimalist who possesses a wardrobe of staple pieces and desires simple, stylish pieces that can go with any outfit. Whilst Blake focused on creating quirky and colourful imagery that can bright up any outfit.

Being successfully established by the Autumn of 2016 the brand decided to expand its offerings further into the luxury accessory market to include high quality silk scarves.

Continuously growing, the design process for new luxury products is underway for Harper & Blake’s expanding range. With a number of innovative plans evolving for the future the brand promises to remain true to its roots and continue to provide opulent, visionary and on trend pieces of the highest quality for real women.