Making the Everyday Beautiful 

Creating limited edition designer phone cases, laptop sleeves and accessories that brighten up your world.


Phone cases

Original, custom phone cases for any make and model, straight from our London studio. Created in-house, with mood-boosting designs. 

Laptop sleeves

Innovative protective laptop sleeves with true design credentials. Find your favourite in a size to suit any laptop make or model.

Eco phone cases

Sustainable design in our bamboo phone cases. Made to last while in use, and break down in your compost within 90 days when you’re done. 


4,000+ reviews 

We’ve been reviewed by over 4,000 people on Etsy alone. So, you can buy knowing that thousands have tried and loved our products.

Beautiful and functional

Our designs are made in our London studio to be beautiful, original and functional. We only design for accessories, so we know what works.

Caring for our planet

We are on a continual mission to look after our planet. Our plastic phone products are BPA free, and we specialise in bamboo eco phone cases.



Design Spotlight: Our Soul-Warming Winter Phone Case Gift Guide

Yes, we’re officially on Christmas countdown over here. Whether you’re getting excited or trying to ignore the increasing festive hype, there’s no escaping the fact that Christmas is around the corner. Here you’ll find a pick of our favourites, ready for you to snap up now for yourself, or gift to someone you love.  

FAQ: How Should A Laptop Sleeve Fit? 3 Steps To Buying The Right Laptop Case

You’ll find that most laptop cases are sold as a certain size, such as a 15-inch laptop sleeve, and the obvious approach is to go with the size of your screen and choose one that way. In reality, that doesn’t always give you the right fit. Here's how to sidestep that issue and find the perfect fit the first time.   

Are Phone Cases Necessary And Will It Affect My Phone's Performance?

Phone cases are designed to protect your phone from impacts such as knocks and drops, but is that all they do? Are there drawbacks to phone cases, such as affecting the way your smartphone functions?

Our Essential Guide On How To Choose The Right Phone Case

If like us, you have an eye on sustainability and the environment, you’ll know that the choices we make as consumers can make a difference. For some time people have been talking about conscious consumerism, which is essentially thinking about what we’re buying and how we’re disposing of it.



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