Making the Everyday Beautiful 

Creating limited edition designer phone cases, laptop sleeves and accessories that brighten up your world.

Graphic Leopard Print Phone Case (Nude) | Harper & Blake

Phone cases

Original, custom phone cases for any make and model, straight from our London studio. Created in-house, with mood-boosting designs. 

Mushroom Flowers Laptop Sleeve (Blue Black) - Harper & Blake

Laptop sleeves

Innovative protective laptop sleeves with true design credentials. Find your favourite in a size to suit any laptop make or model.

Seasons Eco Phone Case (Sand Brown) - Harper & Blake

Eco phone cases

Sustainable design in our bamboo phone cases. Made to last while in use, and break down in your compost within 90 days when you’re done. 


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4,000+ reviews 

We’ve been reviewed by over 4,000 people on Etsy alone. So, you can buy knowing that thousands have tried and loved our products.

iPhone Heart Icon | Harper & Blake

Beautiful and functional

Our designs are made in our London studio to be beautiful, original and functional. We only design for accessories, so we know what works.

World Earth Icon | Harper & Blake

Caring for our planet

We are on a continual mission to look after our planet. Our plastic phone products are BPA free, and we specialise in bamboo eco phone cases.



My Mobile Phone Got Wet, What Should I Do?

It's happened to all of us, you accidently spill some water on your phone, it gets wet in the rain or you drop it in your tea. We'll let you know what you can do to get rid of moisture in your phone so put away that bag of rice and read our step by step guide down below. 

How to Clean your Mobile Phone Camera

Have you ever gone to take a photo of your dinner, a beautiful landscape or your pet and the photo is blurry and not sharp? It might be time to give your phone camera lens a clean. While cleaning the lens with your t-shirt may help temporarily, there are better things to do to keep your camera in tip top shape and we'll detail them down below. 

How to Clean your Mobile Phone Ports

As we've talked about on the Harper & Blake blog before, cleaning your mobile phone and tech clean is important. You've cleaned your phone case and your phone screen but what about all the ports? We'll get down to the details on the best way to clean your phone's ports below without damaging your phone in the process. 

How to Clean your Mobile Phone Screen

It's important to keep your phone clean but especially your phone screen as this is where most dirt is found from just everyday fingerprints, grease and grit. We'll detail everything down below on how you can keep your phone screen in top condition and keep yourself safe from bacteria and germs that you may find on your phone. 



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