Making the Everyday Beautiful 

Creating limited edition designer phone cases, laptop sleeves and accessories that brighten up your world.

Graphic Leopard Print Phone Case (Nude) | Harper & Blake

Phone cases

Original, custom phone cases for any make and model, straight from our London studio. Created in-house, with mood-boosting designs. 

Mushroom Flowers Laptop Sleeve (Blue Black) - Harper & Blake

Laptop sleeves

Innovative protective laptop sleeves with true design credentials. Find your favourite in a size to suit any laptop make or model.

Seasons Eco Phone Case (Sand Brown) - Harper & Blake

Eco phone cases

Sustainable design in our bamboo phone cases. Made to last while in use, and break down in your compost within 90 days when you’re done. 


4000 Reviews Speech Bubble Icon | Harper & Blake

4,000+ reviews 

We’ve been reviewed by over 4,000 people on Etsy alone. So, you can buy knowing that thousands have tried and loved our products.

iPhone Heart Icon | Harper & Blake

Beautiful and functional

Our designs are made in our London studio to be beautiful, original and functional. We only design for accessories, so we know what works.

World Earth Icon | Harper & Blake

Caring for our planet

We are on a continual mission to look after our planet. Our plastic phone products are BPA free, and we specialise in bamboo eco phone cases.



What’s the Difference between a Matte and Gloss Finish in Phone Cases?

"Should I get a Matte or Gloss Finish Phone Case?" The short answer is that it's mostly done to personal preference and what sort of finish you prefer.  Still not sure? We'll detail the differences between the two down below.

Which Phone Case Is Best for My iPhone? Snap or Tough?

"Should I get a Snap or Tough Case?" The short answer is that if you prefer a slim-lined light design or a case that focuses on protecting your phone from bumps, scratches and drops. We'll go into the details below about the pros and cons of both cases and we'll hopefully answer any questions you have. 

How Our Phone Cases are Printed and Made - Your Questions Answered

Here at Harper & Blake, all our phone cases are made to order specifically for you. This means your phone case has been made with you in mind. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into how we create all our phone cases, how we print to the highest quality and answer your frequently asked questions.

What is an Eco Phone Case? How to live Zero Waste with your Tech

Therefore, how can we make a more conscious decision with our technology to help the climate crisis? We have the solution for you: eco bamboo compostable phone cases. 



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