• Phone Case Fashion: Matching Your Case to Your Outfit

    Imagine the impact of matching your phone case with your outfit that emits your personal style. Not only will it make people turn heads on the street but also level up your mirror selfies for your social channels. On the blog this week, we'll explore the art of matching your style to your phone case and some great tips on how to achieve that. 
  • The Latest Trends in Phone Case Designs

    Phone cases have become a fashion statement, as well as a useful accessory for protecting your phone. We've taken a look around and found out what designs are currently trending so you can stay on top of the latest style trends. Keep on reading to find out what's hot right now. 
  • Where to find and buy unique phone cases

    Protecting your phone is the most important part of a phone case. It helps protect it from bumps, drops and scratches and prolongs its lifespan. Furthermore, some phone cases offer extra features such as better grip and card holders. Keep on reading to find out about all our unique designs and how we offer a design that suit everyone's style

  • Why you Need an AirPod Case

    You've just bought a brand new pair of AirPods and you're wondering if you need a case for them. As for your phone, it's always good to protect your tech since it reduces to risk of damage from drops, scratches and dust. It gives your AirPods a longer life and reduces e-waste overall. Still not convinced? Read on to find out why we think buying an AirPod case is a crucial investment. 
  • How to Remove Scratches from your Phone Screen

    Our phones go through a lot daily so it's no shocker that they become scratched from your keys, drops or debris. Eventually, over time, your screen may look a bit worse for wear and it may be time to give your smartphone screen some TLC. Keep on reading to find out how to remove scratches from your home screen and how to prevent you from getting them in the first place. 
  • Why you should get a wallet phone case

    Have you ever wondered what phone case is best for you? Everyone is different and needs different needs to aid them in daily life. A wallet phone case is a smart and functional way to protect your phone and store your loose change and cards. However, is it right for you? We'll detail below why we think you should get a wallet phone case. 
  • How to Keep your AirPods from Falling Out

    We can't deny that Apple has created a revolutionary way to listen to music with their AirPods. Their design is already iconic and functional. Despite that, people still have issues with their AirPods falling out of their ears or not sitting correctly. Having issues with your AirPods? Keep on reading how you can keep using them without any trouble. 
  • Is the iPhone 14 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

    The iPhone 14 series is Apple's most advanced smartphone yet and there are tons of exciting features to go along with it. Especially with its price, you want to make sure you keep it safe and away from anything that may damage it in the long run. Hazards such as water can be the number one reason your iPhone may fail. Read on to find out more.