The Latest Trends in Phone Case Designs

Phone cases have become a fashion statement, as well as a useful accessory for protecting your phone. We've taken a look around and found out what designs are currently trending so you can stay on top of the latest style trends. Keep on reading to find out what's hot right now. 


Mystic Flower Snake Phone Case (Blue)
Love them or scared of them, you can't deny snakes are a popular print with phone cases nowadays. We can see why with their mystical qualities and beautifully textured skin 🐍

Clouds and Sky

Night Clouds Phone Case (Blue Black)
The sky is a beautiful sight and why not take that beauty with you with cloudy and starry sky designs? The mystical and spiritual connotations of it can send you into a dream world and we can see why it's popular. Night or day, why not appreciate the beauty of the natural world? ☁

Florals and Wildflowers

Wildflower Botanical by Denes Anna Design Phone Case (Grey)
Florals have always been a popular print for as long as we can remember but what about wildflowers? Wildflowers are important in keeping our local ecosystems thriving and letting them grow in our gardens can help keep wildlife happy 🌼 Appreciate the beauty of wildflowers with your accessories now 


Vintage Large Stars Phone Case (Beige)
Stars and starry designs are an instant classic. Simple yet effective, we can see why they come back into style. The 70s revival is in full swing and bold star prints are a part of that. Show off your groovy side with vintage stars ⭐

Solid Colour

Beige Nude Plain Block Colour Phone Case
Minimalist is here so stay, whether you like it or not! Plain, bold colours are sometimes the way to go if you prefer the calmness of minimalism and feel overwhelmed by busy prints. Why not grab your favourite colour? 


Mushrooms By Kristen Knechtel Phone Case (Green)

Cute mushroom designs have seen a resurgence on the internet. What's not to love? Cute little colourful fungi with beautiful wildflowers and cottagecore aesthetics. We can see why mushrooms are popular and will continue to be a trend among those more aligned with nature 🍄

Whether you want to stay part of the trend or choose your own style away from the mainstream; here at Harper & Blake we have phone cases for everyone. From neutral minimalist prints to bold and colourful. We're sure you'll find something you love. We have a wide variety of phone cases for the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.