Design Spotlight: Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Our Animal Print Phone Cases

Calling all animal lovers! The 4th of October marked World Animal Day. Dedicated to improving welfare standards for animals across the globe, it’s one day that shines a spotlight on animal rights.

What World Animal Day means to us

If you’re animal lovers like us, you’ll agree that every day should be about looking after and valuing the beautiful creatures that we share our planet with. That’s why we always focus on sustainable materials and processes. So, we can do our bit in safeguarding our environment for both people and animals.    

And what a better way to have fun this week than celebrating with our updated Animals Collection. So, here’s this month’s Design Spotlight. Get ready to go wild, it’s our updated and expanded animal phone cases, and here are the highlights.

1. Tiger Face

Eye-catching and bold, there’s nothing diminutive about our brand new tiger phone case. In clashing red and pink colourways and a look-at-me tiger face design, this is a stylish accessory that will complete your look. Get it in a snap or tough phone case in the size to fit your make and model.

2. Autumn Foxes

Time for a seasonal accessory update? We admit it, we were feeling strong autumn vibes while creating our freshly launched autumn foxes. The clue is in the name but take a look and you’ll see this fox phone case a mystical medley of navy, orange, yellow and green. Pick from a snap or dual-layered tough case. 

Autumn Fox Phone Case | Harper & Blake

3. Ladybirds

Here’s one if you’re looking for an instant pick-me-up image. Our new-in colourful ladybird prints are a colour pop of red against cream. Get in this classic two-toned combo or choose yours with a blue stripe. And because we like to cater for everyone, like all our products, it comes in either a snap and tough case and a range of fits.

4. Bulldogs

Our just-launched French bulldog phone cases feature a lilac base with pink bulldog adornment. Quirky and fun, you can choose between our standard case choices, that’s in a snap or tough, with its dual-layer protection. Also available in a wallet phone case and laptop sleeve, so you can deck out all your accessories.

5. Cows

One of our original best-sellers, the cow print phone case and laptop sleeves are simplistic, timeless and characterful. Classy enough for your work gear, and still far from boring, the print comes in colourways including cream, peach and lilac. Choose from faux leather wallet phone cases, snap or tough phone cases, or tough laptop sleeves.

6. Leopard

If you want choices, check out our leopard prints. New releases include our leopard circle design, leopard hearts, leopard stars and a yellow and pink leopard print phone case. Playing with different colourways and patterns, they are some of our most aesthetic phones cases and laptop sleeves. This has already cemented some with bestseller status.

Leopard Heart Navy Phone Case | Harper & Blake

7. Elephants  

With a striking black nude contrasting print, our newly dropped elephant phone case is already shaping up to be a favourite. Yes, it’s majestic, it’s most certainly classic, and it’s available across your essential day-to-day tech accessories. Shop tough and snap elephant cases, faux leather phone wallets, and laptop sleeves. All made in a range of sizes to fit your stuff.    

8. Giraffe  

If you’re looking for elegance and a little bit of originality, take a peek at our giraffe designs. Our extended collection is based on our original drawings, with a pairing of mother and baby. Variations including giraffes and leaves and lilac or nude colour schemes. Get in your usual favourite cases including a snap or tough giraffe phone case, faux leather wallet phones, and laptop sleeves.  

9. Poodle

What’s more fun than doodling some poodles? Adorning your phones with them of course! It was one of our most favourite creations to work on, and now our pink and teal poodles are available across snap and tough phone cases, faux leather phone wallets and laptop sleeves across all makes and model sizes.

10. Animal Prints

Looking for something that will go with anything, and look good regardless of the seasons? Our animal print phone cases and laptop sleeves are here to solve that problem. We’re talking giraffe prints, leopard, tiger and zebra. Even better, shop in a range of colourways and products. From faux leather to snap and tough cases.