How Our Made-To-Order Phone Cases Are Designed And Sustainably Produced

If you want to take care of your phone, you’ll need a good phone case to protect it. Most of us decide to buy a case as frequently as the phones themselves, if not more. But have you ever thought about how phone cases are made?

The answer to that is probably, no. And that’s ok! If you are a conscious shopper that wants to do right for their phone and the planet, read on though. Because our design and manufacturing process and aesthetic phone cases are all about that.

How phone cases are made

Put it this way, most phone cases are made in a factory, using a mould and clever machinery to perfect the product after it’s taken shape. Enough said. The interesting part is how responsibly this whole process is handled.

Like anything else in our consumerist lifestyles, there are choices to be taken along the way which can minimise environmental impact. That includes whether you mass produce your phone cases and risk the inevitable waste that comes with that, as well as what materials you use, and where your product is being made.

What being made-to-order means

One of the choices any e-commerce brand can make is over stock volumes. Chances are, you will have heard the term made-to-order in recent years, even if you’re not sure what it means.

As a made-to-order brand ourselves, we know all about the benefits it offers. It enables us to only produce the phone cases that are needed, rather than estimating large stock volumes and risking the waste that may come with that. We believe this is the best strategy we have in current times to care for the planet and make the products our customers love.  

We also look at other things along the way too, like sustainable phone cases made from eco-friendly materials. It’s all part of the bigger picture.

Leopard Hearts Navy Phone Case | Harper & Blake

Why we design and manufacture in the UK

To be a successful made-to-order business, you need the right things in place. This helps to manage customer expectations, deliver products promptly, and still adhere to those eco values.  

All our phone cases are designed in our East London studio and manufactured by our UK based printing partner. They are partners in the Business Social Compliance Initiative and the Fair Labour Association, which means their values match our own.

Through these ways we keep a full handle on the design and production process, staying as sustainable as possible, and treating everyone who works on our products fairly.  

Little choices make a big impact

Like anything you buy, you can make small choices that have a big impact on our planet. Finding a company that echo your own values is an important first step. The great news is that more and more e-commerce businesses are driving change through a continued focus on sustainability.

We don’t have all the answers yet, and there is always room for improvement. That said, it is within our power to put practices in place to stay as eco-friendly as possible.

When shopping for items that all add up and could contribute to the climate crisis, take a few minutes to see what the company is all about. Top things include:

  • Are they a made-to-order brand?
  • Do they design and manufacture their products in places that enforce fair working conditions and sustainable practices?
  • Do they talk about the materials or ingredients in their products and strive to make things more eco-friendly?
  • Are they honest and open about all these things?

With a little research into the brands you’re buying from and a show of support for those striving for better, more planet friendly practices, we can all drive positive change.