Can My iPhone Case Affect the Wi-Fi and Signal of My Phone?

You got a brand new, shiny phone so what's next on the list? A new phone case of course. Phone cases are necessary for protecting our phones from scuffs, bumps, scratches and falls. A phone case seems like a saviour for your phone but are there any drawbacks? Can your phone case affect or block the signal? Find out in our handy guide below. 

What is 'signal'?

First, we should determine what exactly is "signal?" It is basically how well our phone can transmit radio waves from its antenna to the nearest cell tower. This is so we can have conversations, send texts and browse the internet. However, these radio waves can be blocked by anything that is not a radio transparent material. 

What can block a radio signal?

There are several reasons why you may not get a signal in certain areas of terrain. 

Thick vegetation and terrain: Have you ever noticed why you don't get a signal when you're hiking in the wilderness or local forest? The dense trees, plants and vegetation can block radio waves!

Weather: Not getting a signal during a storm? This is because adverse weather conditions can block radio waves

Materials: Certain materials can block signals to your phone, these can include anything made from metal or aluminium.

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So will my phone case affect "signal?"

To put it simply, most likely not. The majority of phone cases will not block or affect the signal to your phone. Materials such as polycarbonate plastic, silicone or bamboo will not affect radio waves. 

However, if you have a phone case made of any sort of metal, including metal clips or attachments, it can hinder or block the signal to your phone. This is because radio waves cannot pass through electrical conductors. 

What about Wi-Fi? 

Wi-Fi works on the same principle as the phone signal that we have discussed, it also uses radio waves. Therefore, anything metal will also affect your Wi-Fi signal. 

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So which materials are the best?

So what materials are the best for my phone? From our perspective, you don't need a metal phone case to get maximum protection for your phone. 

Polycarbonate Plastic and Silicone: This durable and impact-resistant material is perfect for your phone as not only is it lightweight but also doesn't block any signal to your phone. Our tough cases also add a layer of durable and sturdy silicone to protect your phone even further. Any plastics will not block the signal to your phone. 

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Bamboo: This natural and biodegradable material is perfect if you're looking for a more sustainable phone case. Furthermore, bamboo will not block the signal to your phone so you can stay at zero waste with maximum efficiency and protection. 

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Faux or real leather: Leather or faux leather is a perfect material for your phone if you're looking to combine your wallet and phone into a folio case. This soft and durable material will protect your phone from falls and not hinder the signal to your phone. 

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