Can Phone Cases Affect Battery Life?

There's nothing worse than having bad battery life on your phone. It's a massive pet peeve for a majority of us and it seems that our phones are draining faster and faster each year. But did you ever think that your phone case can affect your battery life? Turns out it actually can. We've detailed it all down below in our blog this week and tips on how you can save your phone's battery. 

How can a phone case drain your battery?

As we've outlined in our previous blog, can phone cases cause overheating? Heat is a big factor when it comes to our phone's battery life. While technically, phone cases don't drain battery life, the heat your phone emits can get trapped in your phone case and can cause your battery and phone to overheat. 

Overheating is bad for your phone and battery as it causes it to degrade faster and thus reducing your battery life. Generally, phone cases aren't the sole purpose of overheating your phone but can contribute to overheating depending on the material of the phone case as some can retain heat. This also depends on what phone case you have. Slim or snap cases are less likely to trap heat but tough and leather phone cases are more likely to keep heat insulated. 

You're probably now thinking, isn't it better to not have a phone case? We think the positives of a phone case highly outweigh the negatives. We outlined them all in our blog Should I get an iPhone Case? There are several tips and habits you can get into to keep your battery life in top shape.

A phone case lying on a blue diary on a wooden table with a cup of coffee and oranges. The phone case has a humpback while line art pattern in navy blue and white.

Tips and Tricks  

Remove your phone case while charging your phone

We're sure you've noticed that your phone can get hot while charging. Get into a habit of removing your phone case while charging your phone so all that excess heat can escape and not get trapped in your phone case. Furthermore, use a reliable phone charger, approved by your phone's manufacturers and charge on a hard surface. Be sure not to charge it for too long as this can damage your phone's battery and cause overheating. This also includes charging your phone overnight. 

Don't use a backup battery phone case

You may think a phone case with a backup battery attached to it may be helpful but imagine all the heat it can emit and trap in the phone case. We think it's better to use a portable charger with a cable instead while you're out and about.

In conclusion, it's clear to see that your phone case itself isn't draining your battery but how you protect your phone from overheating, how you charge it and what phone case is best for your phone. 

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