Should I get an iPhone Case? Why iPhone cases are important for your tech

"Do I need an iPhone Case?" You ask yourself as you scroll past thousands of different phone cases, feeling overwhelmed by choice and not knowing where to go next. It's also been a go-to after ordering a new phone that you need a case to go with it but are they really that necessary and do they even hinder your phone's performance? We'll answer common questions below and why we believe phone cases are a requirement for your tech. 

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Why Phone Cases are Important 

No matter what case you get, they will provide an extra layer of protection for your device. You don't want your expensive new phone to suffer a scratch, bump or crack, especially if you're clumsy and drop your device often. Going out without a case makes it more likely for your device to suffer from scratches or even water damage so we believe it's better to be safe than sorry. You can see our blog about what phone cases are right for your needs here. 

New Improved Protection from Apple

Phone manufacturers are spending time and money creating and developing materials to make their smartphones more durable, without the need for a phone case. An example of this is Apple's new Ceramic Shield which makes any phone iPhone 12 and higher 4x more durable than before. So is there a point in buying and spending more on a case?

Phone cases still add that little bit more protection than it without. For example, if you were to drop your phone onto a hard surface such as concrete, a cracked phone case is cheaper to replace and fix than a cracked phone. 

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Don't phone cases increase bulk and ruin slim lightweight design?

It seems that with every new smartphone, the devices get thinner, lighter and more slimline. These were built with us customers in mind to fit into our pockets and bags and be a pleasure to handle and carry. So, why do you want to put a case on that? Some people believe newer phone models are too beautiful to be hidden by a case. 

We believe you can enjoy beautiful design and protection with our slim cases which are very little weight to your phone while also adding that extra bit of protection. 

Practical reasons 

Some phone cases provide extra features that your phone couldn't otherwise. Most phones are slippery with no grip, so they are more prone to slipping off your hands or surfaces. With a wallet case or our eco bamboo cases, they provide an added texture which adds more grip and therefore less chance of falls. 

Furthermore, our wallet cases provide more practicality with added stitched pockets for your cash and cards so you can combine your phone and wallet into one. 

In the end, it's up to you if you want to add a phone case to your phone. However, we believe it's vital to protect your phone as much as you can so you can increase its longevity and reduce the risks of damage and the unneeded costs to fix them. 

Check out our range of unique and beautiful designs here. 

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