Can Phone Cases Cause Overheating?

Mobile phones, as well as a majority of electronics, can become hot and overheat. We're sure you've noticed this with your own phone, laptop or even headphones. But what is the source of overheating and why does your phone get hot? In the Harper & Blake blog this week, we'll take a look at why your phone may be getting hot, if your phone case is the issue and tips on how to prevent your phone from getting hot. 

Why does my Phone get hot?

Your phone can get hot for a number of reasons. Using your phone for prolonged periods of time, using intensive high-power apps, environmental factors and streaming content can all contribute to overheating. A little bit of heat is normally normal but sustained hot temperatures can be an issue. 

Generally, phone cases aren't the sole purpose of overheating your phone but can contribute to overheating depending on the material of the case as some can retain heat. 

Can Phone Cases Cause Overheating?

Phone cases don't cause overheating but do have the capacity of contributing to overheating due to the factors we explained above. So which, phone cases can retain heat?

Leather Phone Case

Thick materials like leather love keeping the heat in and are insulators, this includes thick vegan leather as well. Therefore, they tend to keep heat in and can contribute to your phone overheating. 

Plastic and Silicone Phone Case

Plastic phone cases are incredibly popular and we understand why. They're great for protection, and shock absorption from drops and are extremely tough. 

However, as above, they do love to retain heat, especially in cases that include silicone. Therefore, it is likely these cases can help trap heat and make your phone overheat. 

However, this is nothing to worry about. Your phone case isn't causing your phone to overheat but just contributes to trapping the heat your phone is giving off. Keep your phone case of choice and we'll outline ways below how you can prevent your phone from overheating below. 

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How to Prevent your Phone from Overheating

We've outlined some of our top tips down below and how you can cool down an overheated device.

Don't overcharge

Use a reliable phone charger, approved by your phone's manufacturers and charge on a hard surface. Be sure not to charge it for too long as this can damage your phone's battery and cause overheating. 

Keep an eye on your use 

Overusing your phone and playing intensive, high-power games can overheat your phone. Make sure to keep an eye on your use and close any apps you're not using at the moment. 

Avoid direct sunlight

Leaving or using your phone on a hot day or in direct sunlight can cause your phone to overheat. Be sure to leave your phone in the shade or in your bag while outdoors. 

Keep your phone up to date 

Keeping your phone's system settings and any of your apps up to date can help remove any previous bugs that may have been contributing to overheating. Be sure not to download any apps from malicious websites as malware can contribute to overheating. 

How to cool down your phone 

You can easily cool down your phone using the following steps:

  1. Turn your phone off and move it to a cool or shady area 
  2. Remove your phone case 
  3. If it's charging then unplug it and leave it to cool down

Phone cases alone do not make your phone overheat. But, certain types of phone cases can contribute to overheating. As long as you use our tips provided, you can use any case you'd like. 

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