FAQ: Should I pick matte finish or gloss finish?

Today on the Harper & Blake blog, we’ll be answering a question that we get frequently: ‘whats the difference between a matte case and a glossy case?’

Whether your preference is a slim snap-on case, or a dual-layer tough case (differences are explained in the post here), the outer layer will always be made of the same hard polycarbonate. Your chosen design will be printed on this polycarbonate layer and can be matte or gloss finish.

Gloss is our most popular finish. The shiny texture really makes colours pop and any case with a glitter effect looks really great in gloss! However, it does show up scratches and dust slightly more than the matte finish.

Matte finish is a great option for those who want scratches and dust to be less visible, and those who want a less shiny look. All of our designs still look stunning in a matte finish.

Really, it just comes down to preference! A Harper & Blake phone case is bound to turn heads whatever you choose.

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