What Does Your Favourite Bag Say About You? | Colours

"Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,"
Pablo Picasso 

Colour psychology is a large subject that covers a range of areas from marketing, design, film and architecture. It's clear that colour has great impact on how we feel and how we associate different colours with emotions, experiences and symbolism. 
This can, of course, relates to the colours we chose in our accessories and why we picked one colour over the other. The colour we chose can have a big impact on our personalities as well and how we want to express ourselves through fashion and art. Keep on reading to see what your favourite colour bag says about you! 

Red Dior Hand Bag | Harper & Blake

If your favourite bag is red, you're bold and a thrill seeker. Red is an intense and attention grabbing colour so it's safe to assume you like being the centre of attention. Red is often associated with passion, love and confidence so it's clear you like to stand out against the crowd. 

White Prada Hand Bag | Harper & Blake

If your favourite bag is white, you might be more of a reserved, calm and peaceful person. Often associated with modernity and purity in western cultures, we can assume you're a minimalist who likes cleanliness and order. 

Black Burberry Hand Bag | Harper & Blake

If your favourite bag is black, you might like a bit of luxury in your life. Black is often associated with strength, power and mystery. However, black is a diverse colour and can also be associated with death and mourning. We can assume you're a strong and powerful person with a hint of mystery. 

Yellow Chanel Hand Bag | Harper & Blake

If your favourite bag is yellow, we can assume you're a happy, bright person with a positive spirit. You're adventurous and put a spring in your step wherever you go. However, you may be willing to take more risks than the average person! 

Pink Gucci Hand Bag | Harper & Blake

If your favourite bag is pink, you're playful and fun! You're a bit whimsical and love adding a bit of fun and excitement in your life. You're not afraid to show off your emotions and are attracted to cute and pastel colours and designs. 

Do you think we were accurate in our assumptions? Stay tuned for more exciting and unique collections coming soon from us. 

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