What Does your Phone Case Say About Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered why a certain pattern or design “speaks to you”? Or have you noticed an accessory or outfit on someone else and got an instant feel for who they are?

It might seem like a throwaway, instinctual decision when you purchase clothing or accessories with a particular pattern, but actually it all comes down to how we perceive and react to art. Interestingly, professors have spent much time studying the psychology of art, and as enthusiasts of all things design, we found this concept irresistible.

With that in mind, we decided to have fun with it and invite you along for the ride. So, what does your phone case say about you?  

Polka dots

In fashion circles, polka dots are seen as timelessly chic. But did you also know that they appeal to playful, happy-go-lucky personality traits? Often worn by outgoing types that like to have fun, this is a feel good, adventurous type of pattern. And yes, you can find polka dot phone cases in our store to match your mood.

Polka Dot Dalmatian Phone Case | Harper & Blake

Animal print

If you feel you have a wild side you should know that animal prints are seen as a go-to for those with an outrageous streak. Linked with ambitious, go-getter personalities and those who are comfortable standing up for themselves. Adorning yourself in these patterns, whether with clothing or accessories like an animal print phone case, is an ultimate statement of power.  


If you haven’t already noticed, we are big fans of a colour block and stripe. Aside from its sartorial status, stripes are a versatile pattern that bring a sense of class to a look. According to fashion psychologist, Dawnn Karen, they are also often worn by people who are good at multitasking and have full, busy lives.


There aren’t many things more classical than monochrome. Wearing black has been connected to confidence and intelligence, as well as a need for personal space. Let’s face it, in real terms, wearing monochrome is flattering, effortless and takes the stress out of wondering what will go with what. Matching it with monochrome phone cases or laptop sleeves will complete your look.

Abstract Bingo Phone Case | Harper & Blake


Love an abstract phone case print? If this kind of art appeals to you, psychologists believe this means you are an open person. This is in contrast to those who like more traditional and easier to interpret pieces, who tend to be more conservative and prefer order. Abstract types on the other hand are independent and imaginative.  


Enduringly feminine and romantic, floral patterns are a favourite for people who embrace these personality traits. They tend to be warm, open and outgoing, which makes it a positive print to have around you. If you need a little pick-me-up, finishing your look with a floral phone case and laptop sleeves is the thing.

Willow Leaves Botanical Phone Case | Harper & Blake


It just goes to show that there is more to our choice of patterns and designs than meets the eye. We are often drawn to similar prints and colours, and some of that is also attributed to choice anxiety. If we feel comfortable in something, we are more likely to stick with that look.

Take a look at your wardrobe and your accessories to see if there are any connections there. But whatever you spot, remember to fun with it.