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Things are looking positive as businesses are opening up, we can go see our favourites band again and see our loved ones around the country. However, going back to the workplace can seem daunting and scary if you've been working from home like us for the past year. Readjusting your habits and body clock is going to take time and getting used to people, crowds and commuting is going to take time. Therefore, we've put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get ready for going back to the office and ease those worries and anxieties.

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1. Communicate with your boss and team

Suggest or set up a meeting about returning to work and do a Q & A about any issues and concerns yourself or the team may have about returning back to the office. This will ease any uncertainties you may have and give you a chance to chat with your colleagues about what their thoughts are. 

Remember to address important issues with the HR department or your boss about any new restrictions, company policies or if you personally don't feel safe coming back to the office. Setting up a hybrid schedule or a permanent work from home set-up may be the solution. 

2. Dress like you would at the office 

If you're like us, you've been enjoying wearing your pyjamas, leggings and joggers while working from home. However, if you're going back to the office soon, it may help to get back into your suit, slacks or skirt for a few days. 

However, some workplaces may be shifting towards a more casual dress code so see if your workplace is making that change too.

3. Make a list of positives about going back to the office

While working from home, it may be easy to make a great list of pros for working at home...no commuting, sleeping in later, saving on train tickets or petrol and eating lunch at home. However, think of some positives about going back to the office such as:

  • Stopping off at your favourite café every morning for a coffee 
  • Getting to socialise and see your work friends again 
  • Going to the pub or bar for an after-work pint again 
  • Discovering unique new places for lunch

    4. Seek out help and look after your mental health

    If you're feeling anxious and worried about going back to the office, it's okay to seek professional help and look after your mental health. It's true to say that everyone's mental health took a turn for the worst amidst the pandemic so it's time to break the stigma and seek some help. There are a few ways you can do this, such as hiring a therapist or councillor you can speak to on a weekly basis about your thoughts, feelings and how to combat them. 

    However, if this is out of your price range, the NHS and your local GP may have resources on getting mental health help. However, sometimes, just talking to your loved ones about any problems can ease any anxieties so see what works best for you.

    5. Take time to plan and prepare your workday 

    Planning your workday and commute can be organised and easy work to help with any anxieties about your journey. We've written a list of things to prepare so you're ready for your first day back at the office:

    • Start waking up earlier to rewire your body clock as if you're going to commute 
    • Check your commute to see if there have been any changes to your journey over the pandemic 
    • Pack your bag and choose your clothes in advance and make sure all your professional work outfits are comfortable and fit well. 
    • Take one step at a time and don't overwork yourself. 
    • Leave work on time and be kind to yourself 

    We hope our back to office tips have helped you get rid of any worries about going back to work. But there's one thing to remember, be kind to yourself!

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