Design Spotlight: Autumnal Phone Cases For The New Season

British summertime is officially over according to UK calendars, and we are ready to embrace the autumn season. Yes, that means the weather is on the turn, the nights are drawing in, and we’ll soon be hunkering down for winter, but there are glorious parts to this time of year too.

Autumn is a unique season of colour and light. That makes for perfect photo-worthy scenes, and from our design perspective, a barrel load of inspiration. We couldn’t help ourselves from expanding our collections to feature true autumnal influences. Here are some of ours and your favourites to update your look.  

Autumn Nature Phone Case | Harper & Blake

1. Fox phone case

Our new autumn foxes phone case was created especially for this season. It’s part of our extended animal's design collection, but it also slips neatly into the autumn mood boards we’ve been playing with. Featuring a navy base with popping orange line drawn foxes and autumn leaves in yellows, greens and burnt browns, it’s already becoming a bestseller.

Styling tips: One of our favourite things about this design is its versatility. If you prefer to wear neutrals, this adds subtle accents to your look without going all out. If you’re more of a colour dresser, this will easily blend with most things in your wardrobe.   

Available in: Both snap and tough phone cases for a variety of phone models, in a matte or gloss finish.

Autumn Nature Beige Phone Case | Harper & Blake

2. Nature phone cases

We couldn’t resist getting our heads fully into the autumn riot of colour and imagery, and natural scenes were our gateway into the season. The result was our autumn leaves phone case, with its medley of falling leaves, acorns and wild mushrooms. Styled line art and neutral palettes keep this one simple and timeless.   

Styling tips: Yes, this design will flex to suit most outfits, but it’s perfect if you prefer a parred down look. Simplistic and endlessly stylish, it will add a serious sartorial edge for confident, uncomplicated dressers.  

Available in: A phone case to suit most makes and models, in either hard or snap cases. Personalise with either a matte or gloss finish.  

Pink Colour Block Phone Case | Harper & Blake

3. Autumn colour block

Who says that autumn should be all about neutral colours? We love the earthy tones of the season, but we also believe that there’s room for a colour splash if you need it. Part of this links to our belief in dopamine dressing, but there’s also evidence of these bright hues in nature too. Just think of the berries on the trees for starters. Our autumn colour block phone case pays homage to these mood-boosting tones.  

Styling tips: This one is best worn in stark contrast on muted tones like blacks, greys and deep browns. But for those who live for vibrant hues, we’re also big fans of contrasting colours for added vividness. Pair this with brighter looks for extra fun.   

Available in: Our standard phone case sizes, in a snap or tough case. You can personalise this with either a matte or gloss finish.  

Wildflower Plant Phone Case | Harper & Blake

4. Wildflower phone cases

One of the most beautiful and surprising elements of autumn are the blooms that come with it. Take a walk in the countryside and you’ll discover the wildflowers that dot the landscapes, including yellow dandelions, wild pansies and poppies. Our flower phone cases are inspired by seasonal scenes like this, with one of our autumn favourites being the more muted classic botanicals phone case.   

Styling tips: Florals add a touch of romance to your look. This one is over to you, because we have a collection of flower designs, giving you all the options you need to complete your look. Classics like our botanicals are easily paired with anything.   

Available in: Choose the design to suit you, in either wallet phone cases, snap or tough phones depending on your selection.

5. Orange phone case

Technically, orange is a colour that we splash across a range of designs, so we weren’t always in the autumn headspace. That said, it’s a seasonal hue that we particularly love, and it has to feature in our autumn spotlight. They say orange is a colour of joy and warmth, and that’s what makes it so special. For true autumnal feels, we’re going for the geo dots phone case with colour blocking and in super seasonal burnt orange.

Styling tips: Contrast this with strong neutrals like black and cream or melt into warming tones head to toe by cosying up in deep browns and burnt oranges. This one is all about snuggling.  

Available in: Our burnt orange geo dots is available in our signature phone case styles. Choose between a matte or gloss finish and a snap or tough phone case. If geo dots are your thing, we also have a yellow laptop sleeve design and wallet phone case.