Do you really need a screen protector for your phone?

You got a new phone! It's clean, sleek and free of scratches, tears and everyday wear and tears. There's a lot of new excitement associated with it and you need to start planning what else you need to buy. You need a new phone case and a screen protector. 

You look at your new phone and look at its pristine new screen and think it needs a screen protector. Of course, you don't want to damage or crack your new phone, do you? But do screen protectors work? Do you need one? We'll detail everything you need to know in this week's blog. 

Does my phone need a screen protector?

A new smartphone is an expensive purchase. It only makes sense that you want to keep your phone looking sleek and new for as long as possible without the risk of dropping it and the screen smashing. 

However, smartphones nowadays are as tough as ever with Gorilla glass technology that makes it incredibly difficult for everyday objects to scratch your phone. On the other hand, there's no harm in being too careful. Your phone screen can still crack if you drop it in a bad fall and having an extra layer of security on your screen with a screen protector will help. 

Cracked screens are expensive to repair 

If you think you can get along and save some money by not buying a screen protector, you should maybe reconsider. If you do crack and break your screen, repairing your phone can be pricy. This can average around £200 or more depending on what phone model you have and how badly damaged your screen is. 

Types of screen protectors 

Plastic screen protectors

Plastic screen protectors tend to be made from two different types of plastic: Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is more flexible and cheaper and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is a bit stronger. These are more affordable options. 

Tempered glass screen protectors

Tempered glass protectors will feel the most like your phone screen and provide the best protectors for your phone. These are a bit thicker than the plastic screen protectors but will protect your phone the most. 

Whatever screen protector you decide to get, make sure to pair it with one of our Harper & Blake tough phone cases to keep your phone protected from drops, scratches and bumps. 

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