Can you use your mobile phone while charging?

In the Harper & Blake blog today, we'll be talking about the myth about using your phone while charging. There have been various viral videos going around saying it's unsafe to use your phone while charging due to various reasons but is this true? We'll detail it all down below 

Is it dangerous to use your mobile phone while charging?

To put it simply, there's no danger in using your phone while it's charging. It's completely safe to use your phone from a wall outlet or portable charger and does not send electrical waves through your body.  It's important never to believe everything you see online and to always fact-check. 

However, there are other issues when it comes to using your phone while charging. It does charge at a slower rate than usual since your phone needs to allow power for usage. Therefore, this may be a culprit as to why your phone may be charging slowly if you use it a lot while charging. Have issues with this? See our blog about charging.

Can use my phone while charging degrade my battery?

Constantly using your phone while charging could degrade your battery. This is because it can contribute to heating your phone as you're putting more pressure on it. If you do this frequently, the heat can compromise your phone's performance and therefore the battery life. However, there's no issue if you need to do it occasionally. Put your phone down, you don't always need to be on it! 

How can I optimise my battery so I don't need to use my phone while charging?

Need to use your phone all the time? With the current technology in our mobile phones, we don't need to completely fully charge them. It can be better to charge your device in short bursts during the day. Plus with some modern smartphones, fast charging can boost your percentage in just a few moments. Therefore, plug your phone in for a few minutes while you're not using it during a break and unplug it when you need to use it. 

Use a wireless charger if you're in a habit of using your phone while charging it. It's impossible to use your phone then and you can take a break from your device. However, wireless chargers do not charge your phone as fast as wired chargers. (Our phone cases also work with wireless chargers!) 

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