How to Clean your Mobile Phone Screen

Our mobile phones get dirty, there's no denying that. We use them excessively every day and they can come into the contact with all sorts of dirt, dust, crumbs and grease from daily life. There's no surprise that your phone has more germs and is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat

It's important to keep your phone clean but especially your phone screen as this is where most dirt is found from just everyday fingerprints, grease and grit. We'll detail everything down below on how you can keep your phone screen in top condition and keep yourself safe from bacteria and germs that you may find on your phone. 

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How to Clean Your Phone Screen

Cleaning your phone screen is important and you must use the right products to make sure you don't damage your phone. However, don't worry, we'll explain it all down below in our easy guide. 

Take off your phone case and turn off your phone

You must take off your phone case to get into all the parts that you might miss when cleaning your screen and phone such as the sides and around the edges of your screen protector. Also, this makes sure you don't damage your phone case either or get any moisture trapped underneath.

It's also important to turn off your phone and make sure it's not plugged in while cleaning. 

If you need tips on how to clean your phone case, read our blog here. 

What disinfectant can I use?

You can use disinfectant wipes on your phone screen that contain 70% alcohol. Apple themselves recommend you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or 75% ethanol wipe to gently wipe the surface of your phone. However, don't use anything that contains bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Don't use window cleaners, household cleaners or compressed air either. 

It is also vital you don't submerge your phone in any cleaning liquids and make sure all ports are dry. 

How to wipe away smudges 

The best thing to use when cleaning your phone is using a lint-free microfibre cloth or something soft like a lens cloth. There's no need to press too hard, just wipe any fingerprints or marks gently with a cloth 

You mustn't use any sprays or spray directly onto your phone. Spray any cleaning material onto a lint-free cloth and then wipe your phone down. 

Don't use any abrasive materials like rough clothes, towels or even paper towels as these can scratch your phone. Paper towels may seem soft but they can actually scratch your phone screen and leave behind torn pieces of paper. 

How to Dry 

The best way to dry your phone is just to let it air dry completely before putting your phone case back on. This is to make sure any moisture doesn't get trapped underneath your phone and in between it and your phone case. 

It's as easy as that! Maintaining your phone and phone cases is important in increasing their longevity and effectiveness so keep them clean.

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