How to Protect Luxury Leather Accessories

Leather is a high-quality and versatile material and can last you decades if looked after properly. In our blog today, we want to help you to protect your luxury leather accessories for years to come so read on to find out easy everyday care tips for your items to maintain longevity. 

Everyday Care

One of the best things to do is to take care of your leather goods on a daily or weekly basis. This prevents any unnecessary wear and tear and any larger issues in the future. 

  • Avoid overfilling your wallet, purse or bag so it doesn't stretch. This can damage the original silhouette of your item. 
  • Wipe away any dust or dirt with a soft dry cloth or brush. 
  • Avoid wet leather as much as you can, always remember to bring an umbrella with you just in case. 
  • Don't put your bags near any artificial heat sources such as heaters or radiators. 
  • Scratches on leather can easily be made from jewellery or embellished clothes. Take extra care when wearing these. 


Storing your leather goods correctly is important in maintaining a long life for your accessories. 

  • Avoid any direct sunlight to prevent fading of the material 
  • Store your bags and accessories in dust bags and avoid plastics bags as these don't provide proper ventilation
  • Store your leather goods upright and don't stack them. This can prevent misshapen leather. 
  • If you can't store them upright due to space, lay them flat but don't add too much weight on top.  

Harper & Blake Leather Accessories

Protect your Harper & Blake Leather Accessories 

We want our Harper & Blake leather accessories to last you a lifetime so we're put together some tips on how you can protect and look after your purses and wallets. 

  • Pick a wallet to suit your needs to prevent overfilling pockets and card slots. Carry a lot of coins and change? Pick our purse or wallet. Only carry-around cards? Our card holder is for you. 
  • If you carry your wallet in your handbag, it's best to keep it in a separate compartment or zip pocket to prevent scratches from things such as your keys. 
  • Anything can get dusty or dirty so take time to wipe any away on a daily or weekly basis to maintain longevity. 

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