How To Protect Your Mobile Phone in Winter

Just like with summer and the possibility of your phone overheating, in the colder winter months, a cold mobile phone can also pose an issue. With winter coming up, there is a possibility of freezing temperatures, especially here in the UK, so while we bundle up to keep warm, why not our phones too? Read our new blog this week to find out how to keep your phone safe in the cold winter months. 

Why can't I let my phone go cold?

Many mobile phone manufacturers have an optimum operating temperature and these temperatures range from 0°C to 35°C. Why so? This is due to the lithium-ion batteries in our phones and if it's exposed to temperatures outside of this boundary then your phone will experience long-term damage. Such issues can include charging issues, battery life, crashes and overall struggling to run and operate normally. However, these are a few tips and precautions you can take to make sure your phone stays warm this winter. 

Man walking in a snowy street in a red jacket on his phone

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How to prevent damage to your phone from the cold 

Here's how to keep your phone and battery warm during winter without the risk of damaging it: 

Keep your phone in your coat pocket 

This is something we probably all do anyway but just keeping your phone in your coat, jacket or trouser pocket will help keep it warm with insulating fabrics and your body heat. 

Don't leave your phone out 

Another no-brainer but keeping your phone outside in the cold isn't going to help. Using your phone outside for short periods shouldn't harm it but leaving it on in the cold for a few hours is sure to do some damage. While you think you won't do this but even leaving your phone in your car overnight can cause permanent damage. 

Avoid charging in freezing temperatures 

Charging a cold battery and giving it more power in freezing temperatures can also damage your phone battery and cause charging issues. To prepare for cold days, it's best to charge the previous day or keep your phone off if you're worried about battery life, if possible. 

Don't place directly in front of heating sources 

If your phone is cold, you mustn't place it in front of heating sources such as hair dryers, portable heaters and the like. Too much heat can cause your phone to overheat and it's best to just keep your phone warm in an indoor, room temperature setting. 

Put a phone case on 

With a phone case, your phone will be covered in an extra insulating layer keeping it warm but also protecting it from outside elements. Live in a cold area? Our tough cases will be best for keeping your phone warm while outside. 

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