Happy International Day of Friendship 💟👯 3 Ways to Celebrate

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. - Eleanor Roosevelt

International Friendship Day was first officially established by the United Nations in 2011 with the idea of bringing together different cultures, countries and people to inspire peace and love. 
At Harper & Blake, we want to remind people of the beauty and power of friendship and the benefits they can bring to their own mental wellbeing. We've put together a shortlist of our favourite ways that you can celebrate International Day of Friendship with your best friends ❣

Spend time with them 

There's nothing simpler or easy than to just spend some time with your friends. Even during our busy lives, take some time out to go out for coffee or a drink and let go of those day to day stresses, even if it's just for a moment. Even if you don't live close to one another, there's nothing a zoom call or facetime doesn't fix. ♥

Message or call an 'out of touch' friend 

The pandemic has been tricky and we may have fallen out with a few friends while being locked indoors. Why not finally give those friends a call or a message to catch up with them? It might be awkward at first but soon you'll forget you haven't talked for a while and things will come naturally like you never left. 

Buy them a gift 

Show your friends a small token of appreciation with a small gift. Beautiful and unique gifts can bring moments of happiness and there's nothing better than a surprise gift from a friend. 
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