Top tips for lockdown self-care

In these uncertain times, self-care has never been more important. Instead of longing for things to go back to normal, why not try to embrace the aspects of lockdown that encourage us to focus on ourselves? By utilising the stillness and time we have, we can start to address any underlying worries that might have been affecting our mental health and come out the other side feeling better than ever!

Digital downtime

With little to distract ourselves with, it's easy to get caught up with social media and the news. However, upping our screen-time too much can have adverse effects on mental health and our ability to relax. Make sure you take a break from your phone, especially before bed.

Set yourself achievable goals

Whether you're working from home or not, it's important to have something to work towards. Completing small, achievable goals and ticking them off a list will give you a sense of purpose and a confidence boost. In a time where normality is out the window, setting small goals can help to restore a sense of the ordinary into everyday life.

Cook up something new

Now's the time to master your culinary skills and cook something you've never had the time to. Embark on a pasta-making journey or learn to make a restaurant favourite from scratch. My favourite lockdown dish is Wagamama's Katsu Curry – it's a crowd pleaser!

De-clutter your space

The drawer that never shuts because it's full to the brim with the unknown? It's time to go! We're spending most of our time at home right now, so having a clutter-free space has never been more important for our mental wellbeing.

Treat yourself

We can't treat ourselves by going out for drinks or to the cinema at the moment, so it's time to find other ways to pamper. A nice bottle of wine? Crisp, new bed sheets bought online? A new phone case? Go for it, you deserve it!

But most importantly... relax.

Don't crumble under the pressure to learn five languages, become a world-class painter, and write three books all from your kitchen table. It may seem like everyone around you is doing so many new things, but it's okay not to be having the most productive time of your life during lockdown. Stop worrying about what other people are doing. Savour time with your family, cuddle your pets, or reconnect with loved ones from afar. We may never have this much free time again.