What is an Eco Phone Case? How to live Zero Waste with your Tech

There's no denying that our current climate emergency is scary and frightening. It's sad to see that we add "over 25 million tonnes of plastic to the ocean every year and by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish." 

It can take hundreds and millions of years for these plastics to biodegrade and there are the added issues of smaller microplastics that have entered our waterways and the natural world. 

Therefore, how can we make a more conscious decision with our technology to help the climate crisis? We have the solution for you: eco bamboo compostable phone cases. 

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How do Eco Phone Cases Biodegrade?

Eco phone cases are made from sustainable, natural and compostable materials such as bamboo and use plant-based inks while printing. This makes the case 100% plastic-free and made of plant-based materials so there are no toxic or nasty materials. This makes your phone case safe to biodegrade in a landfill or compost bin. 

What is Zero Waste?

In comparison to plastic phone cases which can take thousands of years to biodegrade, our bamboo cases take 60-90 days to biodegrade in regular landfills but these may vary between different brands and what materials they use. However, generally, they take a much shorter time to compost and biodegrade. 

Being zero waste means focusing on preventing the amount of waste we create. This ideology mainly focuses on reusing items, using natural plant-based products and the ultimate goal of making sure nothing goes to landfills or the ocean. We've all taken our steps toward becoming more zero waste. These include reusable water bottles and shopping bags. However, we're here to help you become zero waste with your technology too. 

Using bamboo phone cases is a great option to reduce your waste since bamboo can naturally biodegrade in landfills and there will be no waste left behind. Furthermore, it protects your phone from bumps, scratches and damage which will make your device last longer. 

Why Bamboo?

Why did we pick bamboo for our phone cases? We'll break it down below. 

Bamboo is a sustainable crop and grass. It's fast-growing and self regenerates from its roots. It doesn't require a large amount of water either, which makes it one of the best sustainable materials on the planet. 

Not only is it a sustainable material, but it's hard-wearing and beautiful, making it beautiful for the clumsy but also fashionable people out there.

Bamboo is also naturally textured and grippy. This speckled texture is unique for every single case plus the added grip helps against drops and falls.

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So, what bamboo cases can I buy?

Here at Harper at Blake, we have a beautiful range of limited-edition unique bamboo phone cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Not only are they made of bamboo, but all our cases are made to order to reduce waste. 

See our full collection here with abstract, line art and unique designs, there is bound to be one perfect for you. 

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