What’s the Difference between a Matte and Gloss Finish in Phone Cases?

Today on the Harper & Blake blog, we'll be answering another one of our most frequently asked questions:

"Should I get a Matte or Gloss Finish Phone Case?"

The short answer is that it's mainly down to personal preference and what sort of finish you prefer. 

Still not sure? We'll detail the differences between the two down below.

Which phone cases offer matte and gloss finishes?

Our main hard phone cases come with a choice of matte and gloss finishes. Whether you pick our slim or tough phone cases, they both come with the same hard polycarbonate back with your chosen design printed on it. (Find out more about our slim and tough phone cases here)

Unfortunately, we can't offer a choice of finish for our wallet or eco phone cases as they're made of different materials respectively. 

Giraffe Skin Gloss Finish Phone Case | Harper & Blake

What is Matte?

Matte describes a surface that is not shiny. It's a dull surface that's more grippy and doesn't reflect light. 

You can easily see the difference between matte and gloss when looking at matte wall paint, matte cars or nail polish. 

Our matte finish is a better choice for those who want dust, fingerprints and scratches to be less visible. Due to the finish, it's technically more grippy than our gloss cases so it's a choice for those who are a bit more on the clumsy side. However, the finish of our phone cases doesn't contribute to the protective factor of our cases. 

What is Gloss?

Gloss, as you probably guessed, is the opposite. It's our most popular finish and we can see why. It's shiny, glossy and reflects light. It's not as grippy as a matte finish but it can make colours pop and give you that wow factor you're looking for. 

If you're looking to impress and turn heads, our gloss finish is for you. This shiny finish is more eye-catching, can make bright and saturated colours pop and the texture is a lot nicer to handle. 

Although it shows dust and fingerprints much easier, these can be sorted out with a wipe-down and a bit of cleaning. 

The Lowdown

We've created this handy table to break down the main differences between our gloss and matte finishes for our hard phone cases. 

 Gloss Finish Matte Finish
Shiny, glossy finish Dull, muted finish
More slippery  More grippy
Shows fingerprints and dust more Unlikely to show dust or fingerprints
Makes bright and saturated colours pop A more muted finish for colours


No matter which design you pick, all our designs look beautiful in both gloss and matte finishes. In the end, it's all down to personal preference. You can think about what sort of finish you like for your walls, makeup, nails and photo prints, you'll probably like the same for your phone case!

Drop us an email if you have any further questions about our gloss and matte finishes over on our contact page.

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