What Should I Do with an Old Phone Case?

It's inevitable, you'll need a new phone case eventually. Whether you've bought a brand new phone, your old phone case broke or you're looking for a cute, new design. However, with the current climate crisis, you don't want to just throw it away, do you? Can they be recycled? Can I donate my old phone case?

We'll answer all your questions in our blog below and our ideas on how you can repurpose your old phone cases. 

Can I recycle my old phone case?

With our hard phone cases being made of polycarbonate plastic, this material is 100% recyclable. However, we could recommend checking with your local council if they accept this type of plastic for recycling. Still not sure? Keep on reading about other ways to dispose of your old phone case.

Our eco cases are even better. Don't pop them into your recycling but rather your compost or food waste bin! They'll naturally biodegrade into landfills within 90 days. (Read our eco-blog to find out more about our bamboo phone cases

Hand Connections Eco Bamboo Phone Case | Harper & Blake

Sell your Phone Case

Is your old phone case still in good condition and useable? Why not sell it on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Depop? People are always looking for second-hand and discounted goods, such as phone cases, so why not make some extra money? 

Donate your Phone Case

Another option is to donate your phone case to your local charity shop or charity if it's still in good condition. There's bound to be someone looking for a cheap phone case or you can help those in need of one at local homeless or women's charities. Check your local area if any charities are accepting them! 

Give them to friends or family

Someone in your family or friend group likely has the same phone as you, so why not give them your old phone case? It's an easier and better way to give your phone case a new home rather than just throwing it away. 

Repurpose and Upcycle 

Why not get clever and crafty and upcycle your old phone case? We'll detail some ideas below of what you can do! 

Luggage Tag

Do you love travelling? Why not use your old, colourful phone case as a luggage tag? Simply tie a ribbon or some string through the camera hole onto your suitcase and stick some contact information to it. This way you can easily spot your suitcase! 

Trinket Dish

Why not pack your old phone case and use it as a trinket dish for your jewellery, keys or loose change while you're on holiday or camping? It's a tidy way of keeping all your small items together without making a mess or losing anything. 

Whatever you do with your phone case, it's better than just disposing it into the bin to go into a landfill. 

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