Do Phone Cases Scratch your Phone?

When you purchase a phone case, you assume it will be protecting your phone against scratches, cracks and fall damage. However, did you know your phone case could contribute to scratching your phone? 

Luckily, they don't actively scratch your phone but only when dirt, grit or sand gets inside them. We'll go into all the facts down below and how you can avoid scratching your phone. 

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How can a Phone Case scratch my phone?

Your phone case's job is to protect your phone so why would it scratch your phone? Luckily, it doesn't actively scratch your phone but only when dirt, sand or any other grime gets inside. If you think about it, we're taking our phones everywhere, leaving them on several surfaces, inside your home and out. Your phone case is bound to get dirty and small bits of dust can get trapped inside your phone which can lead to scratches. 

The movement of your phone and your phone case rubbing against each other is what can contribute to scratches and stains on your phone. This can be an issue if you want to resell your device and give it a new home. 

Should I leave my phone caseless then?

If you're thinking it's better to leave your phone caseless then maybe think again. No matter what case you get, they will provide an extra layer of protection for your device. You don't want your expensive new phone to suffer a scratch, bump or crack, especially if you're clumsy and drop your device often. We still think it's better to opt into having a case than not. We believe it's better to be safe than sorry. 

How can I prevent scratches then?

Scratches are very easy to avoid if you clean your phone case regularly. If you go to the beach often or do a lot of activity outside, you should at least wipe your phone case down every few weeks. Read our easy tips below on how to clean your phone case:

  • Use lint-free cloths to avoid smudges, abrasions or stains. Avoid paper towels when cleaning your phone case 
  • Leave your phone case to dry fully before putting it back on, you don't want any moisture to get trapped 
  • Most stains can be cleaned with just warm water and washing up liquid, there is no need to buy anything fancy! 

Want to read more about cleaning your phone case? Read our blog here 

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Therefore, the best thing you can do to prevent scratches is to clean your phone case regularly to get rid of the dirt that causes your phone to get scratched. It's as easy as that! Maintaining your phone case is important in increasing their longevity and effectiveness so keep them pristine.

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