Is the iPhone 14 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

The iPhone 14 series is Apple's most advanced smartphone yet and there are tons of exciting features to go along with it. Especially with its price, you want to make sure you keep it safe and away from anything that may damage it in the long run. Hazards such as water can be the number one reason your iPhone may fail. Therefore, in this blog, we'll talk about iPhone's water resistance and how much it can protect your phone. 

With your research, you may have read that the latest iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max are all water resistant. However, this does not mean waterproof. According to Apple, these iPhones are IP68 under IEC standard 60529. This means that they can be submerged in 6 metres of water and are splash and dust resistant. However, with this information, it's never ideal to intentionally submerge your iPhone in water. Even over time with day-to-day use, water resistance can degrade on your phone and remember that water damage is not often covered by warranty. 

Black and White Smartphone Underwater

 How can I protect my iPhone from water damage?

The best way to protect your iPhone from water damage? Try to avoid taking your iPhone to places where it can easily get water damage. It may seem straightforward but taking photos at the beach or the sauna can put your iPhone at risk. Follow these steps to make sure your iPhone lasts as long as possible. 

  • Avoid swimming or bathing with your iPhone
  • Taking your iPhone with you when you do water-based sports such as jet-skiing 
  • Don't use your iPhone in the rain
  • Using your iPhone in a sauna 
  • Taking underwater photos with your iPhone 
  • Exposing your iPhone to any liquids, oils or detergents such as perfumes, lotions or hair dye. 
  • Putting a case on your iPhone gives it an extra layer of protection. We recommend our tough cases if you tend to be a bit more clumsy. 

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