How to Keep your AirPods from Falling Out

We can't deny that Apple has created a revolutionary way to listen to music with their AirPods. Their design is already iconic and functional. Despite that, people still have issues with their AirPods falling out of their ears or not sitting correctly. Apple created a one-size fits all approach with their AirPods which can create problems with a large majority of the population. The AirPod Pros introduced replaceable tips but these are not a all-round solution. Having issues with your AirPods? Keep on reading how you can keep using them without any trouble. 

Why do my AirPods keep falling out of my ears?

Improper Fit

It may seem obvious but you may just not be wearing your AirPods properly. If you have AirPod Pros, make sure you're wearing the correct-sized ear tip for your ears. There should be some that came with your AirPod Pros or you can order different sized ones online. You can also buy hooks or covers for your AirPods to make sure they fit your ear. If you don't wear them the correct way, they make also do not work how they're supposed to. 


Like with anything, everyday use of your AirPods can make them build up gunk, oils and dust. AirPods best sit in your ears if they're clean from earwax, oils and debris.

AirPod Pros on a pink back drop

How to Keep your AirPods from falling out 

Make sure you're wearing them properly 

The reason why so many people complain about the AirPods is in fact that they're not wearing them properly. They can become easily dislodged and make not work correctly. Here's how to put them in properly:

AirPods: Don't shove your AirPods deep into your ear as far as they can go, they're not designed to be worn like that. Press them in gently with the stem parallel to your face. Once they're pressed, rotate them until they feel secure and tight. 

AirPod Pros: Make sure you have the correct-sized tip for your ear. You can follow Apple's advice here to make sure you have the correct size for your ears. You can also experiment with wearing different-sized tips to see which one feels most comfortable. Then, follow the same instructions for the AirPods until they feel secure and tight in your ear. 

Wear them sideways or upside down

If your AirPods still manage to fall out, you can try rotating them until they're upside down or sideways. Runners use this trick to keep their earbuds in their ears. Why not give it a go and see if it works for you? 

Use waterproof tape

Still not working? Try using waterproof tape which maintains stickiness even when exposed to moisture. Cut a small piece off and stick it to your AirPods at the top and bottom. This may require a bit of trial and error but why not give it a go?

Clean your AirPods 

Sometimes, the most simple thing is that your AirPods may just need a wipe. Use a slightly damp lint-free cloth and 70-per cent isopropyl alcohol on tough stains to keep your AirPods in tip-top shape. Need some more information? Read more on our blog here.

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