How to Remove Scratches from your Phone Screen

Our phones go through a lot daily so it's no shocker that they become scratched from your keys, drops or debris. Eventually, over time, your screen may look a bit worse for wear and it may be time to give your smartphone screen some TLC. Keep on reading to find out how to remove scratches from your home screen and how to prevent you from getting them in the first place. 

First, you have to remember the severity of the scratches or cracks on your phone screen. Any small scratches can be buffed away with some DIY tricks but deep cracks and smashed screens will not likely be fixed so easily. The best thing to do is get your screen replaced by the manufacturer or by a third party at your local phone shop. 

DIY Tips to Remove Scratches

A top tip, Do any of these tips with caution and at your own risk. Don't be too abrasive be careful! Turn your phone off and seal any ports with tape to prevent any liquid damage. 

Magic Eraser 

The magic eraser cleaning sponge can be one of the most effective tools in buffing out any scratches. Just wet the sponge slightly and rub against any scratches. However, it works like sandpaper and can be abrasive so be gentle and use it at your own risk. 

Regular Eraser 

If you don't have a magic eraser then yes, a regular eraser you can find at the top of your pencil can work. Just rub at the scratches horizontally and then vertically and hopefully, the friction will lessen the appearance of scratches. Again, be gentle with this. 

Glass Polish

Glass polish kits made for car windows and windscreens can be effective for your phone screen. This can be effective in touching up on some small scratches but be gentle as being too harsh can wear down the screen even more.


Yes, you heard that right, You can use toothpaste to remove scratches from your phone screen. This controversial method can vary in results so be careful if you want to try it. Use a non-gel toothpaste and this method works best on plastic screens and screen protectors. Apply it gently with a soft, small cloth. 

Use any of these methods at your own risk and with caution. If the scratches and cracks are too big, you may have to replace the whole screen. The best thing to do is avoid scratches in the first place! 

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How to Prevent Scratches

Screen Protector

If you're prone to dropping your phone, a screen protector may be best for you. There are many types of screen protectors out there so find the best one for you and your smartphone. 

Tough Phone Cases

Our tough cases have two durable parts; a sturdy black silicone rubber inner case that lines your phone and a hard polycarbonate case that snaps around the silicone case. This adds double impact-absorbing protection if you're more prone to dropping your phone. The silicone case also sits over the edge of the screen which allows a little more protection for the screen

Wallet Phone Cases

Do you want to be extra careful with your phone? Why not try a wallet phone case that covers your phone screen and can protect it from scratches from your bag, pocket and even from drops? The extra bulk of your case from any cards and cash will absorb any impact from falls and drops.

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