How to Clean your AirPods Case

We use our AirPods on a daily basis and they really do go through a lot. From rattling in your bag to picking up earwax in your ears to everyday grime and dust. It's a good idea to maintain your AirPods to increase their longevity and keep them working as long as possible. They're expensive and you want to give them a long life to also reduce e-waste! Therefore, let's go through this week's blog on how to keep your AirPods in tip-top shape. 

How to clean your AirPods

The most important thing is to not run your AirPods underwater as we don't want any liquid getting inside the electronics. The best thing to do is to wipe it down with a dry, soft lint-free cloth. 

If your AirPods get dirty from substances such as oils, hair dye or anything that can cause a stain then:

  • Wipe with a slightly damp cloth and dry with a soft lint-free cloth. 
  • Allow them to fully dry before putting them back into the case
  • If it's a super tough stain, then you can use a 70-per cent isopropyl alcohol wipe but don't use this on the speaker mesh
  • Clean the microphone and speaker mesh with a dry cotton swab. 

Make sure you don't use:

  • Bleach 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Don't submerge your AirPods in water or any cleaning agent 

How to clean your AirPods case

Now that you've cleaned your AirPods, let's clean the case itself. Same as with your AirPods, you can clean the case with a soft, lint-free cloth and if needed, you can dampen it slightly with some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of any tough stains. However:

  • Make sure no liquid gets into the charging ports. If you're having issues with charging and there's lint and dirt buildup, then the best course of action is to use some compressed air. It's best not to use any thin objects such as toothpicks as they can damage the connectors.  
  • Don't use any abrasive materials such as bleach or household cleaners. 

It's important to keep your tech clean to maintain its longevity. Keep your AirPods even cleaner and safer with our cases. 

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