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  • What Samsung Galaxy Cases fit what? A Compatibility Guide for your Phone

    You've got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy and now you need a brand new phone case. But now you're thinking, can I save money by using my old Samsung Galaxy case? We'll give you all the details to help you find a new case down below. 
  • Should I get an iPhone Case? Why iPhone cases are important for your tech

    "Do I really need an iPhone Case?" You ask yourself as you scroll past thousands of different phone cases, feeling overwhelmed by choice and not knowing where to go next. We'll answer common questions below and why we believe phone cases are important for your tech. 
  • Which iPhone case is the best for you?

    There are so many cases available right now for your iPhone but which do you pick? Here at Harper & Blake, we offer a range of different types of phone cases to fit your needs. Read our handy guide to find our what's best for you. 
  • Can My iPhone Charge Wirelessly? | Your Wireless Charging Guide

    Wireless charging is all the rage now, with it's convenience and easy to use technology, there's no need to mess around with cables or plugs and plus it can look pretty sleek on your desk. However, not all devices are compatible with wireless charging and is there a difference with Apple's MagSafe technology? We'll answer all your queries below. 
  • Can My iPhone Case Affect the Wi-Fi and Signal of My Phone?

    Phone cases are necessary for protecting our phones from scuffs, bumps, scratches and falls. A phone case seems like a saviour for your phone but are there any drawbacks? Can your phone case affect or block the signal? Find out in our handy guide below. 
  • What iPhone Cases fit what? A Compatibility Guide for your Phone

    You've upgraded your phone and now you need a new protective phone case! However, you don't want to buy a new phone case if your old one fits, right? Sadly, it's not as simple as that. However, here at Harper & Blake, we'll make it simple for you in our handy compatibility guide. 
  • What is MagSafe and Wireless Charging? | Your Questions Answered

    What is MagSafe? Does your phone case work with wireless charging? Do I need an iPhone MagSafe case to use their wireless charger? We'll answer all your questions below around the world of wireless phone charging ⬇ What is Wireless Charging and MagSafe? Wireless charging describes it in the name...
  • How to Take Care of your Leather Bags and Wallets

    You've just indulged yourself with a new leather bag or wallet, it's perfect and you want to show it off to the world. However, you've just got back home and noticed a stain on it! You don't want to ruin the beautiful leather fabric so what should you do? Don't fret! We've put together a list of tips and tricks on the best ways to take care of your leather goods and to cherish them for many years to come.